I brew with Arvind Kannan, my dad, and in years past the Almaden Brewers.

Some favorite recipes:

    Session IPA. Arvind's half of this batch won the Stanford Brew Club's Session IPA contest.
    Hoppy saison with hibiscus. Our version of this beer, which was given an unprintable name by the boys and girls at Almaden, was a crowd favorite at NCHF 2015.
    Founders Breakfast Stout clone. So much grain the mash tun nearly overflowed. I'm still hanging on to two bottles for a special occasion.


January 2016. Curly koa, about 5in.

October 2015—for Ron Gejman and Shira Schindel. Respectively walnut and mystery Australian hardwood, both approximately 5in diameter. Some tearout visible in the tall piece, but the short one finished nicely (pictures aren't great).

2013? Shaving brush, padauk and badger hair.